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The 10 most amazing buildings in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state which, through the last decades, became the financial center of Southeast Asia and one of the richest countries in the world. The island breaths cosmopolitan airs while on the streets old colonial buildings dispute space with skyscrapers, a combination that makes the country a paradise for architecture lovers. We listed the 10 most amazing buildings of this small asian island for you to include in your next trip to Asia:


Of all the buildings that draw the futuristic horizon of the island, Marina bay Sands is by far the most iconic. The hotel complex completely changed the looks of Singapore's financial center and includes nothing less than a super casino, a shopping mall, a modern art museum, a theatre and the three towers where you can find the hotel's worldwide famous "infinite" pool. If you want to plunge in those waters you must be prepared to spend some money...


The same bay where Asia's most famous hotel is situated it's also location for the exotic Esplanade, an amphitheatre and concert hall. It's format was inspired by the durian, the infamous and smelly national fruit which awakens love and hate between locals and foreigners.


Thirty one identical 6 floor buildings stacked and interconnected form the amazing The Interlace, which rightfully won the title of "building of the year" in the World Architecture Festival 2015. Besides optimizing the passing of light and air, great advantage in a hot country like Singapore, the building's shape also considerably amplifies the space for the condo's gardens.


From the heart of Singapore's financial center rises the luxurious Park Royal Hotel, covered by an exquisite garden which highlights the building among the concrete jungle which surrounds it. It's multi-awarded sustainable design follows the "hotel-in-a-garden" concept and presents a complex project for capturing solar energy and rainwater.


Singapore is known for its successful model of government funded homes for the people. Most part of housing complexes, known as HDB (Housing and Development Board), look very similar to each other. Nevertheless, some of them stand out. It's the case of the Pinnacle, whose construction, in 2009, generated controversy in the country due to the elevated cost of the properties. Its unique design, winner of a contest with more than 200 entries, presents seven buildings of 50 floors each interconnected by a skybridge from where you can see one of the most amazing views of the city. It is considered the tallest public residential buildings.


Depending on your angle of vision these two skyscrapers built in the early 90's can escape you among other buildings in the area. Nevertheless, the gateway towers have a bizarre fake bidimensional look if you see them from somewhere else.


The award winner School of Art, Design and Media building is located in Nanyang Technological University of Singapore campus. Its design tries to integrate the building with its green surroundings through the grassfields that cover the whole school. Its sustainable architectural project includes innovative ideas like an irrigation system activated by the climate, thus saving water and light.


Built in 2008, the Henderson Waves Bridge is Singapore's highest pedestrian walkway, located more than 100 fts above a busy avenue and connecting two big city parks. It's 900 fts extension waves-suggesting form is used by families, runners and nature lovers and get even more impressive when the night falls and it's illuminated by LED lighting.


In 2006, a world contest with more than 70 submissions to choose the design that would bring to life the idea of an integrated and sustainable garden-city was launched. The winning project left the drawing board and in 2012 Gardens by the Bay inaugurated in a large reclaimed area on th Singapore River banks. The futuristic garden has "supertrees" that reach up to 16 floors and two enormous greenhouses which simulates different climates. The atmosphere is even more impressive with spectacular night lightings. As you might have guessed, the whole project is filled with innovative and sustainable ideas which involve the reuse of water, energy saving and protection of ecosystems.


Reflections is a residential condo which with its elegant curves and forms has already become one of Singapore bay's iconic constructions. On the top of it's six tall towers they built gardens from where you have an open view of the sea and the famous Sentosa island.

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